About Us

This website was created by Texans Care for Children in collaboration with state and local consumer groups, children’s advocates, health providers, and application assisters who work with children and families enrolled in Texas Medicaid.

The end of continuous coverage on March 31, 2023, and the process of rechecking Medicaid eligibility for millions of Texans is a massive undertaking for the state and a confusing time for families and organizations helping families.

This website aims to be a hub for resources and information – for Texans enrolled in Medicaid and for partners, application assisters, and community organizations helping families. The goal is to ensure that children and others who are still eligible for Medicaid can stay covered and keep seeing their doctors and that children, new mothers, and others in Medicaid who are no longer eligible can smoothly transition to CHIP, Healthy Texas Women, or Healthcare.gov Marketplace insurance.

Since the state of Texas is processing paperwork for millions of Texans in a short period of time, this site also aims to monitor progress and allow partners working with Medicaid members to report systemic issues or significant errors they are seeing as they work with families.

This project is made possible by support from the Episcopal Health Foundation. We thank the Children’s Health Coverage Coalition and the organizations below that have provided invaluable support, expertise and collaboration to create and disseminate this website.

Children’s Defense Fund

Every Texan

Texas Association of Community Health Centers