Medicaid Members

I received a yellow envelope

The state sent notices to about 2.7 million Texas women and children who currently receive Medicaid coverage to say that continuous coverage is ending on March 31, 2023, and that the state will have to recheck your eligibility for Medicaid. The notice is sent in a yellow envelope and is meant to let you know that the state is starting to recheck eligibility. This does not mean you have lost your Medicaid coverage.

The notice you receive will come in an envelope like the one below.

The notice you receive inside that yellow envelope may look like the ones below. 

Medicaid members should:

  1. Make sure you have access to your Medicaid case through To do this:
    • Create a YourTexasBenefits account if you don’t have one.
    • If you already have an account, make sure you can log in. If necessary, reset your password to log in.
    • If you haven’t already, you will need to link your Medicaid case to your YourTexasBenefits account.
    • See What to Do Now for help creating your YTB account, resetting your password, and linking your Medicaid account to your YTB account.
  2. Update your Medicaid account via with changes about you and your family, such as your new mailing address, contact information, and household income. This is especially important if you’ve moved, changed jobs, or had a baby.

If you receive a notice from the state of Texas in a yellow envelope, update your information with the state as soon as possible. This is important so you continue to receive all notices and can keep Medicaid coverage in the future. This notice does not mean you have lost your Medicaid coverage.

Documents needed to recheck your eligibility

For the state to determine if you are still eligible, they may ask for proof of identity or immigration status, where you live, the amount of money you make at your job, and medical costs.

Flyer with the types of documents you might need to provide is here.

How to find a Texas eligibility office to help

If you need to go to an office to talk to a state eligibility worker about your case, you can find the closest office with their hours of operation here.

Due to staffing shortages, the wait time at offices might be long. Also, most offices are only open Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. If you can’t get to an eligibility office but still need help, try to find a Community Partner Program (CPP) in your local area or call 2-1-1.

How to find a Community Partner Program (CPP)

If you do not have access to a computer or are not comfortable applying for or managing your Medicaid benefits online, there are local organizations that can help. The Community Partner Program (CPP) is made up of local organizations that help Texans apply for or manage state benefits online – including Medicaid, CHIP, or food benefits through SNAP.

  • To find your closest Community Partner Program click here.
  • To find an Community Health Center outreach and enrollment assister, search here.
    • While not all the health centers are Level 3, the Level 2 centers can still help Medicaid families.

How to find a Case Assistance Affiliates (CAA)

Some Medicaid health plans are also case assistance affiliates and can help you submit paperwork, complete your application renewal, and update information on your case, including updating contact information and reporting changes to income or family size.

  • Here is a list of health plans that are also case assistance affiliates and how to contact their staff for help.
    • El Paso: 1-877-532-3778 or
    • Dell Children’s:
    • Cook Children’s
    • Driscoll
    • Parkland
    • Superior
    • Aetna
    • DentaQuest
    • Molina
    • Texas Children’s
    • Baylor Scott and White
    • Community First
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield