Monitoring progress

HHSC is required to report several metrics to the federal government that show how the process of rechecking eligibility is going. The data are due by the 8th of every month and includes:

  • number of applications completed, with a breakdown by program,
  • total renewals initiated for the month,
  • total enrollees due for a renewal,
  • total successfully renewed and retaining coverage,
  • renewal determination outcomes, with a breakdown for the number determined ineligible and those terminated for procedural reasons,
  • number of renewals outstanding and month renewal was initiated, and
  • number of fair hearings pending more than 90 days.

Unfortunately, call center statistics are not yet required and are often an early warning sign of issues.

The federal government will not make this information publicly available, but HHSC has indicated they intend to share it with stakeholders.


This dashboard is meant to be an easy way to monitor overall progress as the state rechecks Medicaid eligibility for millions of Texans.